Visiting Family

Sunday in London, our first day of actually getting to sleep in and feel like we are on vacation. A slow start and a leisurely wander over to visit Scott’s niece and family. It was an incredibly fun visit and hopefully we did not take up too much of their time. They have two young boys, so time is definitely a precious commodity for them...the days must zip by with all that needs to be done to take care of the two kids. And they were such awesome kids to get to hang out with. 

We brought them odd gifts from the U.S. and also snuck in some of the trashiest U.S. candies we could think of, although we didn’t hand those off to the kids directly. We figured that would be up to the parents on how horrible of Uncles we could actually be.  <grin> 

We had a very nice home cooked meal prepared for us, then got to wander to an area park (the first choice was sadly closed for pumpkins carving and lighting) but the open area we found was great to hang out and chat and watch the older of the two boys play. 

Since I’m now sure how they feel about having the kids pictures posted (or even having their own pictures posted) I’m not going to share any of the pictures, but I have to say that some really really sweet photos were taken of Scott with his nephew and of all of us together. 

After that, we got to wander some more and ended up with the other family in London. We made our way to Kevin and Laura’s house, and David and Suzie were there having finished their grand Indian dinner excursion. As a bonus, we got to talk via video call with Shannon. The evening then ended with a video of one of Suzie’s favorite comedians and a quick tube ride back to our hotel. Tomorrow is onward to France and the TGV.