Muggles at the WB

Day one of the travel adventures, an early morning train ride out of London to catch a shuttle to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour. I’m trying to think of the last studio tour that I took...I think it was the Universtal Studios studio tour in Hollywood back when I was in elementary school? 

 So, in an appropriate double-decker bus we rolled up to the studio. It was fun. It was great to be seeing the sets, the attention to detail and design that went into even some of the smallest or far in the background elements. The best part was getting to be there with Scott and David and Suzie. This is the first international trip for Scott and I, and the first time that I get to a big trip with two of my best friends (yay, David and Suzie). matter what the tour brings, things are pretty magical.

Yes, we did try Butterbeer. I’d say it is butterscotch soda with frothy butterscotch pudding on top. Glad I tried it, I would not call it “refreshing.” 

We made it back to London following the tour and headed to our friends’, Kevin and Laura, house. Very nice neighborhood and home. Oddly enough we had to wait very, very briefly for Kevin to get back from the airport as he had just flown in from San Jose. Being a much sturdier soul than I am, he was still up for traveling around and we all headed to Bouroughs Market, pastries, meats, produce, cheeses, candies, prepared foods, etc. etc. It is such a great place to wander through.

We chatted and walked past the new Globe Theatre, the Millenium Bridge (and an amazing view of the Tower Bridge, the Shard, and the moon hanging overhead). Gabe joined us and as we went from the Millennium Bridge to St. Paul’s cathedral. Between the two was an surprising but very on-theme public art exhibit of giant (maybe 11 feet tall) wands of different characters from Harry Potter. Lined up so that they formed sets of arches that you walked under as you made your way to the cathedral. So, a nice continuation of the Harry Potter day. 

Still, we did not make it to the cathedral. You would think that a short 100+ feet would be easy to cover for distance but yet again another public work...this time, an exercise spot? Or an area for kids to play?  Not sure, but it definitely distracted us, and we got to learn that Suzie has core strength to rock the world. 

 We ended the walk with a gorgeous view of St. Paul's Cathedral. 

The evening ended with a recommendation for meat pies and a nice walk further through London.